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Why there is no history for completed tasks?

Tasks after they're done are deleted, unless they're repeated. If a task is repeated - its start time will be rescheduled and the task will be repositioned in the task list.

Storing the information about completed tasks is possible by combining tasks with notes.

Desktop-Reminder uses the following pattern:

Task comes, task goes. After the task completion a comment is automatically appended to the task note.

The note is the task history. The note informs when the task was done and additionally informs about circumstances the task was done (or not done).

The following task is repeated weekly on fridays. This task is linked to the note "Car cleaning".

Task linked to a note

After clicking the button "Mark as done"

Mark as done

two things happen:
  1. The task is rescheduled one week later.
  2. An information is appended to the note

Append task to a note

Each time the button "Mark as done" is clicked, the note opens and you can write your comments regarding this task.

Note as a container for task comments and task history

Don't you like this task history better then a plain list of tasks with completion dates?

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