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12 month calendar

12 month calendar including calendar weeks is of the greatest value for the task management. The first day of week is set according to the global Windows settings for the culture and the region.

12 month calendar with variable first day of week

Simple task

Creating a simple task is as easy as typing its description and the start date. Time of day, recurrence and urgency are optional.

Simple task with no time of day, no recurrence and no urgency

Repeated task

Yearly and monthly repeated tasks are defined in two ways:
  • Absolute (i.e. 14 April),
  • Relative (i.e. 2nd Saturday of April)

If the year of birth is defined, e.g. 1912, the age is displayed in brackets in the task description.

task repeat options yearly

Task with time of day and alarm

If there is defined time of day for a task, you can be adequately earlier reminded (in the range of one minute to few hours) about your task. You won’t miss your favorite TV-program, your pizza won't get burned and you won’t bid too late on eBay.

Time is automatically formatted according to the current culture and region in the Windows settings.

task with defined time of day and alarm reminder

Alarm message

For every task with a defined time of day a reminder with an acoustic alarm is shown.

Alarm reminder for a task with defined time of day

Task import

You can import national holidays and all other tasks stored in the iCalendar file (*.ics).
For details please refer to the support page: How to import tasks from other programs.

task import 0750

Search and filter

Text-Filter is a quick way to search and find a task.

Search and find task with help of the text filter

Date Navigator

Date Navigator is a kind of a month calendar. Dates for defined tasks are bold. Date Navigator can be flexibly docked inside and outside of the program window.

date navigator dock

Task list

Task list contains the following columns: Status, Day of week, Start date, Week of year, Start time, Text, Time left, Category, Recurrence, Year and Month. Column layout is customizable.

Some tasks have defined time of day (e.g. Pick up Jimmy at 1:30PM), some don't need to (e.g. Titanic sank or Christmas).

A task can have one of the four following status values:
  • Missed task missed task - its start time was in the past
  • Urgent task urgent task - its start time is in the future but it has the urgency property defined ("task is urgent X days/weeks/months earlier")
  • Today task today task - its start time is today
  • Future task - its start time is far in the future

Task list