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There is only one Hybrid-Installer for Windows 32/64 bit.

Current version: 2.132 from 22-Jan-2018
DesktopReminderSetup.exe (ca. 30MB)

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System requirements

Computer with 32- or 64-bit operating system:
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.x,
  • Windows 7,
  • Vista

Desktop-Reminder requires .NET Framework 4.5.2, which is a standard part of Windows 10. In previous Windows versions the .NET Framework can be automatically installed by Desktop-Reminder setup, or manually installed as a recommended Windows Update (Check for updates).


- Alarm window supports shortcut keys (F2, Enter, Ctrl+Enter, Esc).
- Layout and settings are stored before program exit, even if the confirmation dialog will not be shown.

- Amount of the backup copies can be configured per user interface
- Multiple words can be searched simultaneously
- A new button in the task editor can open related note
- A task can be deleted directly in the task editor
- Links can have additionally a title
- Past and current start date, year, month and week of year are marked with a distinct color

- High DPI is supported.
- PRO: Links are presented in the alarm window.

- New button "News" on the help ribbon page
- fix: Error message was shown if the program was reopened after closing its main window in the maximized state
- fix: Error message was shown during export to PDF from the Print-Preview window

- Unlimited amount of notes in Notepad
- Multiple items can be selected in the Import Dialog
- PRO: Custom MP3, WAV  sound file can be set for each task
- PRO: Actions can be executed when task begins (start program, open document or web page)

- The first version for .NET 4.5.2
- Tab pages navigation in Outlook style
- The ICalendar *.ics files can be imported using Drag’n Drop on the task list
- The button "Minimize" is restored
- Higher contrast between foreground and background colors in the category column of the task list
- Adjustable font size applies also to the context menu
- PRO: Tasks can be linked with documents and web pages
- PRO: Print settings, paper size and orientation are stored

v.2.118 (the last version for .NET 4.0 and Windows XP)
- Note can be set in the task list using context menu
- Tasks can be linked to a note in the note editor
- Task can be removed in the alarm window
- Row height in the task list can be customized
- Row height can be automatically adjusted according to the task description
- Additional column - Note - in the task list
- Additional buttons for inserting today's date and current time in the task editor
- Date input field contains additionally day of week
- Cutting/pasting task description using context menu in the task editor
- Tray balloon notification is no more shown after each minimizing the main program window

- New task can be created as a copy of a current one
- Text filter works additionally for task categories
- Default value of "remind me later" is stored in the program configuration
- Print header and footer are persistet in the PRO version
- fix: ObjectDisposedException was thrown if a note was open and modified from a task

- The button "Remind me later" can close all alarm windows
- Task editing and marking as done can be made using context menu in the task list
- New column "Last modified" in the notepad list
- New button for adding a separator line in the note editor
- Today date and current time can be inserted to the task description using context menu
- fix: import of ICalendar files was not successful if there were tasks previously exported with custom categories in the *.ics file

- Multiple notes can be open simultaneously
- fix: An error was shown for a repeated task after clicking "Remind later" and then "Task is done" in the alarm window

- Task grouping by the note in the PRO version
- fix: Dialog for the import of ICS files was incorrectly shown

- "Notepad" with 5 notes in the FREE version and unlimited notes in PRO
- Linking of tasks with notes,
- Appending task to its note after the task is done

- User friendly dialog for backup restoring
- Export to ICalendar file format (*.ics)
- Font size can be modified
- "Clear filter" button
- Alarm window can be controlled with keyboard shortcuts (ALT+...)
- Alarm windows can be placed in the background leaving the main window in the front
- fix: Changing settings of the print preview has set always the daily view for the calendar

- .NET 4.0 as target platform

v.2.56 (last version targeting .NET 2.0)
- First day of week can be customized in the PRO version
- Row height can be changed, printing of tasks with multiple lines is possible

- Support for Windows 8
- Time formatting and the user interface language can be set in the program options

Task import from iCalendar files (*.ics)

- New setting telling if the program should stay minimized after the Windows start or its main window should be shown

- Custom task categories and category editor in the PRO version
- Setting category for multiple tasks is possible

- completely new user interface with ribbon in MS Office 2010 style
Date Navigator (small calendar) for the task list even in the FREE version
- Docking functionality for the Date Navigator
- Task summary as a balloon in system tray
- New columns "Week of year", "Year" and "Month" in the task list
Task grouping by status, year, month, week in the PRO version

- 30 new skins / themes, i.e. "High Contrast" for better accessibility

- Simple daily backup of the database file

- Info in the task list about age or elapsed time since birthday or other anniversary

More downloads

Xcopy version (.NET 4.5.2 or newer is required) (ca. 40MB)

Next, unofficial version (ca. 70MB, version info)

The last version supporting .NET 4.0 Client Profile

The last version supporting .NET 2.0