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What are advantages of Desktop-Reminder PRO?

For a small, single fee (no abo) you can use powerful features of Desktop-Reminder PRO for a lifetime including all program updates for free. You'll get a completely inhouse software solution - your data belongs 100% to you, not to a cloud storage provider.

Desktop-Reminder PRO provides all the functionality of Desktop-Reminder FREE, and additionally:

Calendar Scheduler

Calendar Scheduler is a powerful component to visualize tasks. It is composed of two parts: Calendar View (left) and Date Navigator (right). Each Calendar View has its own layout and printing capabilities.
Calendar View - active is Week Calendar

Day Planner

In the Day Planner you can see your daily schedule. There is time line with time of day on the left. On the top of the day planner there are tasks, which do not have time of day defined (e.g. "birthday").

Work Week Calendar

Layout of the Work Week Calendar is similar to the Day Planner. The difference is - it contains one column for each working day. The column count can be decreased by selecting fewer dates in the Date Navigator.

Week Calendar

Week Calendar refers to the whole calendar week. Previous and next week can be accessed with the navigation buttons with arrows in the ribbon over the view.

Month Calendar

Month Calendar can contain as many days, as many are selected in the Date Navigator. It is possible to select more than one month.

Task Printing and Exporting

Task list and each of the calendar views can be printed using its own layout.
Tasks can be exported to the following formats:
Task printing and exporting

Task grouping

Out of the box tasks can be grouped by their status, category, year, month, week of year. Custom grouping is also possible. By dragging a column onto the group panel, any column combination can be used to group the tasks.
Group tasks by category

Custom task categories

With the new category editor custom categories can be defined. Tasks can be later grouped by these categories.

Custom sound profiles

There are three sound profiles: Single Sound Profile, Repeated Sound Profile and "Be Quiet".

Single Sound Profile is default. However if you are temporarily away from the computer, you could miss the notification message. Then it is better to activate the Repeated Sound Profile. It plays an alarm sound until the "Be Quiet" button on the alarm message is pressed.

On the other hand, if you do not want to be disturbed during the work, you activate the "Be Quiet" Profile and Desktop-Reminder only shows the alarm message but plays no alarm sound.

Option "Profile is limited in time" helps you to deactivate automatically special profile after it is no more neccessary.

You can choose your own sounds for Single Sound Profile and Repeated Sound Profile in the program options (on the page "Sounds").

Custom sound profiles - repeat alarm sound until snooze

Custom alarm sounds

Each task can have assigned custom alarm sound in the format WAV or MP3. This way the task is identified even if the display is off.
Custom sound for an important task

Linking tasks with documents or web pages

Additional information like external documents or web pages can be linked with tasks.

Executing actions according to the start time

System commands or programs can be started, documents or web sites can be open for tasks with defined time of day.
Open ebay auction for a task when the star time comes