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How to set time interval between notifications in the notification area of windows task bar?

As default the time interval between notifications is set to 6 hours but you can set it to any other value in  minutes.

For  changing the value please do the following:

Open Windows Notepad or other text editor as an administrator (right mouse click on the program icon and then selecting "Run as administrator")

Open the program configuration file in the text editor. Usually this file is stored in the following location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop-Reminder 2\DesktopReminder2.exe.config
on 64-bit Windows


C:\Program Files\Desktop-Reminder 2\DesktopReminder2.exe.config
on 32-bit Windows

find the following text:

<setting name="MinuteCountBetweenSysTrayPopupMessage" serializeAs="String"><value>360</value></setting>

and change the value in minutes from 360 to any other you want, e.g. 20000

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