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Can Desktop-Reminder concurrently work in a multi user environment?


Synchronizing the database file using DropBox or other synchronization services based on synchronizing files across internet is not supported.


Desktop-Reminder can share the same database file between multiple programs in the same local network.

Desktop-Reminder PRO can reflect changes in the remote database file automatically. In the FREE version reflecting the changes must be performed manually by clicking the "Refresh" button on the "Data" ribbon page.

Sharing the same database file has some drawbacks and restrictions, e.g:
  • all clients should use the same version number of Desktop-Reminder, otherwise the older clients could corrupt the database
  • easy restoring previous database version from the backup files using the restore-dialog is not possible. The database file is blocked by other instances of the program not aware of the restoring.

Further, sharing the same database file by multiple clients, although possible could be risky under some circumstances like.
  • unpredictable energy disruptions
  • auto updates resulting with computer restarts
  • loosing physical connection between computers
All above situations can corrupt the database.

If you share the database file in a local network between many concurrent clients, do it on your own risk and don't forget making backup of the database file frequently.

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